What sort of products does Drop93 stock?

The pre-owned products showcased on our website (and in our Hong Kong showroom) broadly fall into two categories: pieces that are consigned by trusted customers of our sister concept, The Armoury; or items sourced independently by our in-house experts. From time to time, we also offer a small selection of ‘new old stock’ (NOS) from The Armoury archive at reduced prices. This is partially in response to a very strict pricing policy whereby we do not hold seasonal sales.

Our emphasis on working with existing customers and through established channels ensures that only the highest quality products we’re capable of sourcing make it to the Drop93 clientele.


How do you verify each product’s authenticity?

We put each prospective consignment through a multi-point, brand-specific authentication process, overseen by our team of in-house experts: many of whom have worked directly with the designers and manufacturers offered on Drop93. During the process, our in-house experts inspect all goods for the relevant ‘hallmarks’. These include (but are not limited to) branded markings, codes, internal tags and style cues.

More importantly, the overwhelming majority of items that we consign come from the wardrobes of our regulars at The Armoury -- a select bunch of cool folks we know and trust, all of whom are vetted before being allowed to list with us. 


How do I determine the condition/quality that a particular product is in?

Following an item’s successful authentication, one of our in-house experts will assign a star rating (from 1-5) for the purposes of grading its condition: 




“As new”


Item is unworn and features original tags/packaging.

“Gently used”


Item displays signs of minimal wear. No major stains, damage or discolouration are visible.



Item is in wearable condition, but displays minor stains, damage or discolouration.  



Item exhibits signs of regular wear and may also be damaged.

“Extremely well-worn”

Item exhibits signs of heavy wear and is also likely to be patinated and/or damaged.


In furtherance of our mission to provide the highest quality products in the best possible condition, each item’s rating and appearance on the website is accurately documented. On occasion, we will feature a product with a 1 or 2-star rating: usually because it is exceptionally rare, important, collectible or otherwise of interest to our customers.

Can I make an offer for a product on the website that’s lower than the listed price?

Products viewable at our showroom and on our website are available exclusively at the listed price (excluding discounts or promotional offers).

However, following 6 months on our website, products that do not sell through may become available to purchase (via 7-day auction) at the Drop93 store on eBay. Customers buying on this platform have the opportunity to bid for items at a reduced price. Please note that we do not list NOS goods on eBay.

What do I do if I’d like to return a purchase?

We offer store credit on NOS items only. Please note that refunds, returns and exchanges are not available for consigned/pre-owned items. To learn more, please visit the Returns section of our website.


Do you offer worldwide shipping?

International shipping is available on all orders. To reduce lead times, we use Hong Kong Post domestically and FedEx/DHL in addition to EMS for our international customers. Orders purchased by our customers in Mainland China are shipped via SF Express.

Please note that shipping is complimentary within Hong Kong and that we offer free expedited shipping for orders of HK$5,000 and above. To learn more, please visit the Shipping section of our website. 


When can I cancel my order?

Please note that we are not able to cancel an order once payment has been successfully made. 


How do I track my order?

Once you have placed your order, an initial email will be sent confirming that it is being processed. You will receive a subsequent notification once your order has been sent out for delivery, along with a tracking and reference number. 



How do I become a Drop93 consignor? 

In general, our consignors are drawn from longstanding key customers at The Armoury who we know own items that are appropriate for Drop93. Consignment is currently on an invitation-only basis.  


Which brands do you accept on consignment?

While there is an emphasis on top-tier bespoke garments, we will from time to time accept other items that are of sufficient interest to our clients. Brands that you’ll frequently see on the website include (but are not limited to) Orazio Luciano, John Lobb, Ralph Lauren and Ambrosi. 


How will my consigned goods be promoted? 

We create a detailed description (including measurements and condition) for each item that is consigned with us. These are then sent to our own in-house studio where product shots are taken, in order to ensure the best possible photography of the consigned goods.

In addition, each consigned item is merchandised individually and as part of a complete outfit. For example, our tailored consignments are photographed on their own but also with a shirt and (where we deem it appropriate) neckwear.

After consignments are listed on the Drop93 website, we promote them regularly using a variety of social media channels managed by us and our sister company, The Armoury. These include regular posts on Instagram and fortnightly listings on enthusiast’ forums such as Styleforum. In addition, we are often featured by a mixture of publications in and outside of Hong Kong, including Lifestyle Asia and Robb Report. The pieces that we promote are cycled frequently, as we want our customers to “get it before it’s gone”. 


How is the sale price calculated?

Before consigning with one of our in-house experts, we will invite you to establish a ‘guide price’ (i.e. an estimate) that is mutually acceptable. In the interest of providing our consignors with an estimate that is transparent, fair and easy to understand each item’s guide price is calculated using a combination of three criteria: desirability, condition, and exclusivity. 

Please note that whenever consigned goods are sold at a reduction of more than 20% on the agreed guide price, we will seek your approval before proceeding with any such transaction.

How is the commission that your team receives structured? 

Commissions at Drop93 cover the cost of preparing and merchandising the item for sale; responding to inquiries relating to the item; creating publicity for the item; and receiving payment for the item at the time it is sold. 

Please note that if an item is sold via our eBay store, there will be an additional service fee associated with that platform’s listing and auctioning rules. 

Costs of shipping are borne solely by the purchaser and as such are not included in the commission charged by us on each item.


How do I track my consigned item?

If you have consigned an item with us, we will issue you with an access code enabling you to login to the Drop93 tracking system -- this allows you to see the exact stage of ‘sale’ your item is at, from initial consignment all the way through til final payment.  


When and how do consignors receive their payment?

Under normal circumstances, consignors will be paid up to 30 days after we receive payment for their respective item(s). This may take the form of cash or store credit at The Armoury

Please note that for items sold via other platforms, such as eBay, it may take us longer to transfer payment due to factors outside of our control. For detailed information regarding the progress of each transaction, consignors may consult their personal account on the Drop93 website. 


Ts & Cs

For legals, please visit the Terms & Conditions section of our website.


What if I want to cancel the sale and have my items returned?

Please note that once an item has been successfully consigned with Drop93, we are still able to de-list and offer returns for it. However, this will be subject to payment of a per item processing fee.